poetry, music, storytelling

Yvette Vandenberg














"You see
We are still kings and queens
Outlines of our crowns

still visible in the shimmer

Gowns and boots

still wardrobes that we


Our battlehorses

standing saddled and ready 

so mount

and draw your sword

There is an entire court

under the sun and the moon


waiting for their queen to come home

waiting for their king

to reclaim his throne"



"It is written




deep within our skin."



The music video for An raibh tú ar an gCarraig is now on YouTube.



"And suddenly I see
what's at stake
I see that
I've been hiding away my stories
I've been afraid to speak
I've been

pretending to be less then I am
because you

are somehow afraid of me.
What's at stake..
is our humanity.



" And you thought the stakes were high

when you burned us at the


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